20 Shades of Smartwatch

Had enough with all smartwatch vendor these days, and it’s time to give my feedback base on 3 years experience using pebble watch. I’m going to share about what feature is really works or not, and if you are a smartwatch maker that just happens reading this blog I’m hoping this post will be a clue for your next flagship idea. It’s all more to smartwatch functionality, I don’t care whether it comes with a fancy strap, stainless/plastic body, or a screen made by gorilla, as long as it sturdy enough, it’s ok with me. »

Meet Docker managers for human

After more than a year using docker, just realized that there are many GUI docker managers out there, this tool is really useful, because you don’t need to remember all the command lines or googling every time you forget the command. So let me introduce Portainer IO. Basically, this tool will let you manage all the containers, images, logs, volume, network, consul, how you create the container, look at the image you’re creating from, and etc. »

Rusty Macbook Air getting new Air from Archlinux

Today I accidentally deleted my primary osx partition from my very old macbook air 4,2 (2011) with last installed os was el capitan. From the beginning I just want to give my macbook some extra space but it turns out cleaning all the HDD …LOL, I seriously don’t know how in the hell this could happened, this is a lesson for not to clean your HDD in the middle of the night. »

Thanks Jekyll. Hello Hugo

I guess this is the time to say goodbye to Jekyll and thank you for everything after all this years. I just can’t go further with you, I feel like Ruby is too much for me, struggling with all dependencies, build errors, etc. Let me introduce Hugo, I can’t say much about Hugo but that’s a good thing, means that hugo is so damn simple. Easy setup, easy to customize, easy to handle. »

Apa sih IoT (Internet Of Things)

Berawal dari trend gaya hidup sekarang dan kebutuhan aktivitas sehari-hari, penggunaan internet sudah tidak seperti dulu yang dimana hanya digunakan untuk sekedar browsing, streaming lagu, atau download film. Sudah banyak orang yang mulai menyadari bahwa internet itu bisa menjadi jembatan untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidup seseorang secara overall. Terlihat sudah banyaknya beredar dijual device/alat yang terhubung dengan internet untuk mencatat kegiatan orang sehari-hari, entah orang itu sedang berolah-raga, tidur, atau sesederhana seperti berjalan kaki sambil tidur. »

Author image Khalid Adisendjaja on #iot,

How to retro gaming with RetroArch

I’m actually accidentaly found this awesome stuff over the internet when I was googling about super mario game, a website called Emuparadise point me directly to RetroArch website. At first thought maybe it’s just another kind of emulator that specific to just one console, a little bit curious so then I tried this emulator, surprisingly it can run on many platform such as Linux, Windows, Blackberry, OSX, RaspberryPi, Android, iOS and it can be installed on some gaming device such as Xbox, Playstation, GameCube, Wii, 3DS. »

Bye Wordpress, Hello ... ?

It’s been a long years since I used wordpress on 2006 as my blogging platform, back in the old days there’s nothing can beat what wordpress offer for bloggers. So many themes, plugins, and It’s still the most-used and well known blogging platform until now. According to W3Techs 2016 Survey, WordPress is used by 59.3% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 26.4% of all websites. »

Nge-mix Android di Macbook/PC

Mungkin banyak yg sudah pada tahu kelebihan Android ini, tetapi kebanyakan orang terbiasa tahu bahwa android hanya running di henpon, tablet, IOT devices, atau mini PC dengan USB stick. Meskipun bisa di install di banyak device, akan tetapi Operating System yang terinstall pun adalah notabene sama seperti yg kita lihat pada android phone/tablet kebanyakan, misal meski bernama android mini PC, OS yg terinstall pun adalah varian untuk tablet device. Berawal dari sebuah company bernama JIDE Technology yg diusung oleh 3 ex-Google membuat sebuah OS bernama Remix OS berdasarkan project open source Android-X86. »

OS X El Capitan, taktik marketing terbaru Apple

Setelah 4 tahun berlalu dari 2012 lalu sebagai pemakai produk Apple yakni Macbook Air mid 2011 OS X Lion dan sama sekali gak pernah upgrade OS (*baca Operating System) dikarenakan taktik Apple yg dari dulu memang lebih fokus ke jualan hardware dibanding efisiensi penggunaan hardware. Maksud gw cuman Apple sendiri yang jualan hardware melalui OS upgrade, alias kalo lo mau pake OS terbaru mending beli Macbook baru aja … WTF (*baca What The F**k) dikarenakan hardware Macbook lo yang lama udah gak dukung misal seperti kurang cepet lah cpu nya, kurang ram, harddisk blom ssd, dll. »

Kopi kental manis, Team Building dan Boardgaming

Hmm… Boardgame, kalo mungkin dulu kita sering sebut ular tangga, halma, catur, monopoli, gaple, bola bek√©l atau yg gak kalah terkenalnya sebut aja congklak yg kalo di luar indo biasa disebut mancala. Tipikal jenis permainan dari boardgame biasanya lebih bersifat kompetitif dimana setiap pemain berusaha mendapatkan skor tertinggi atau menyelesaikan permainan lebih dulu, ataupun ada yg bersifat Co-op dimana setiap pemain diharuskan bekerja sama demi memenangkan sebuah permainan. Boardgame pun kini cukup berkembang dari sisi tema, grafis, mekanik, dan bahkan ada yg bisa dimainkan sampai 20 orang lebih. »