I had enough with all feature bloated smartwatch these days and I felt like to share my year’s experience using a smartwatch. Talking about features, what’s working and what’s not, and if it happens you’re in a smartwatch industry, I hope this is going to be your guide for the next product line.

So these are the list of features from most important to the most useless.

Longer battery life

Believe me, who wants to charge their watch every day? or maybe in a matter of hours, battery life should hold a week or maybe a month to be acceptable. Or else, your watch will ended up in a drawer.

Basic UI with an always on display

Monochrome display with no more than 3 buttons should be enough, it will consume less battery so I don’t have to turn off the display, It’s kinda awkward have to flick your watch just to see what time is it.

“Readable” Notifications and Vibration

Incoming notification should be vibrated and readable. Readable means, we can always read the message even only apart of it.

Sync action between the watch and the phone

In example, as simple as replying a message with an emoji or an “ok” word, mark read action, phone connected GPS, and a music player control.

Bluetooth Connection

It’s still the most reliable way to connect between devices, I can’t find any lowest energy usage alternative.

Sensors (Accelerometer + Magnetometer)

Two basic sensors that every smartwatch should have for movement tracking and a compass.

Standalone GPS

It means, the watch has a true GPS, so it doesn’t have to be connected to the phone and of course the watch also need a powerful battery.

Better navigation with touchscreen and graphical UI

The watch will become more appealing and good for user experience but also need a bigger battery.

Standalone Mp3 Music Storage

I’m skeptical about the sound quality, but it’s ok.


In my experience, I don’t think NFC is being used frequently, even on the phone, so I don’t know, maybe it becomes more useful if it’s added on a watch.

HeartRate Monitoring

To be honest, I don’t like this feature on watches because the accuracy is questionable, HR monitor should be strapped on your chest, however people tend to like this as a gimmick when doing sports. Buy a real HR monitor if you really need one.

Digital Camera

Yes this feature is existed on a smartwatch, an Indiegogo campaign for this kind of watch is successfully funded, shipped with 5mp camera, I don’t know how many shots could be made until the battery went out.

Altimeter, Barometer and Thermometer

it’s best to wear a G-Shock instead a smartwatch.

Wifi connection

Why would a watch need a Wifi? I just can’t figure.

SIM card

Ok, bye!

So here we are at the final conclusion, to all smartwatch vendors, please make something that is truly functional and useful, because everything is never enough.

And for you who considered to buy a smartwatch, take a note for the first 6 points I mentioned above.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
~ Leonardo Da Vinci