After years using docker, I realized that there are so many GUI docker managers out there, this tool is really handy, because you don’t need to remember all the command lines or to google every time you forget the command.

So let me introduce Portainer IO. This tool will let you manage all the containers, images, logs, volume, network, consul, how you create the container, look at the image you’re creating from, etc.

Portainer will provide you a human-friendly interface to manage your docker. I’ve been using Portainer for my development environment, pretty much easy to setup. You can have a single instance of Docker running Portainer, you don’t have to have multiple copies of Portainer and it is running in a Docker container itself.

Mostly everything you do on the command line now you can do that on a browser with a nice user interface, you can see all the containers state, images, and exposed ports. Create, start, stop, pause, or remove the container, pull image from docker hub, swarm management, etc.

Seriously, guys, you should try it, I recommend this tools for developer or DevOps related, Portainer is a management tool for Docker with an easy-to-use UI and is designed to run everywhere Docker runs.

What so simple about Portainer? just go directly to Portainer.IO