Big smartwatch vendors keep pushing themself in the race of features. Features that sometimes I don’t get it, why would it have to?

And then, it keeps me thinking. What exactly they are trying to make? Is it a watch? cellphone? medkit? G-SHOCK? spycam?

Most of all, when all of that features are packed into a smartwatch, I bet you’re going to bother yourself charging your watch every day or in a matter of hours

Take examples from LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, both of which only run for about a day. Moto 360 and Sony SW2 could last for 2 days on standby use. Pebble watch could last for 7 days on standby use.

I’m currently using a Pebble watch, nothing fancy, I like it because it’s simple and has a lot of community backing this project, most of all I don’t have to plug the charge every day.

So in my opinion, if you want to have a smartwatch, please ask yourself how are you going to use the watch? Are you going to use all of those features?