A password is a key for accessing your online properties on the internet. Many people like your friends, brothers, or maybe your colleague been using an easy guess password, such as his dog name, mother name, his last name, or maybe the very most favorite everyone password 12345. The easier a password to remember, the easier for an attacker to guess.

Please don’t use Just hackme password. There are so many ways how people could easily guess your password, as easy as looking behind your shoulder while you’re typing a password at the computer or maybe an ATM machine, according to Wikipedia this is called Shoulder Surfing


  1. Don’t use so many common dictionary words, maybe you can use indigenous words in it.
  2. Don’t be too short, use at least 8 characters in your password.
  3. Use symbols, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase.
  4. According to Wikipedia, you need to avoid the kind of these words,
  • The name of a pet, child, family member, or significant other
  • Anniversary dates and birthdays
  • Birthplace
  • Name of a favorite holiday
  • Something related to a favorite sports team
  • The word “password”

This is a trick I found, you can obfuscate your password by swapping letters with symbols, you can make your own, and still, you’ll be the only one who can understand it.

letters symbols
a @
c <
i !
o *
s $
t +
letters numbers
a 4
b 8 or 6
e 3
g 9
j 7
l 1
o 0

i.e. your password is lightmyday => L!9h+myd@y

You can use a service like Password meter to check how strong is your password.

Some tips when you registering into an online service, sometimes some of them are keeping your plain password (not encrypted) on their database server, that was really dumb and not reliable. You may test it with the “Forgot Password” feature, if they mail you with your plain password inside, you need to deactivate your account at once and don’t ever use that service, coz it’s bad bad bad.