Meet Docker managers for human

After more than a year using docker, just realized that there are many GUI docker managers out there, this tool is really useful, because you don’t need to remember all the command lines or googling every time you forget the command. So let me introduce Portainer IO. Basically, this tool will let you manage all the containers, images, logs, volume, network, consul, how you create the container, look at the image you’re creating from, and etc. »

Rusty Macbook Air getting new Air from Archlinux

Today I accidentally deleted my primary osx partition from my very old macbook air 4,2 (2011) with last installed os was el capitan. From the beginning I just want to give my macbook some extra space but it turns out cleaning all the HDD …LOL, I seriously don’t know how in the hell this could happened, this is a lesson for not to clean your HDD in the middle of the night. »