Thanks Jekyll. Hello Hugo

I guess this is the time to say goodbye to Jekyll and thank you for everything after all this years. I just can’t go further with you, I feel like Ruby is too much for me, struggling with all dependencies, build errors, etc.

Let me introduce Hugo, I can’t say much about Hugo but that’s a good thing, means that hugo is so damn simple. Easy setup, easy to customize, easy to handle.

Hugo is so damn fast, no joke.

Hugo is single, yup hugo is only a single binary file no Dependency Hell included, no worries if I updated my OS something would break, and it offers the same feature as jekyll did.

And the most important thing is? Hugo has a complete docs and also supported by great community as jekyll did.

Oh btw, Hugo is written in Go.

Willing to migrate? don’t hesitate, just Go! Hugo.IO

Khalid Adisendjaja

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