Ahh.. a Dreadful battery life, Is it a Smartwatch, a Cellphone or just another complicated gadget?

smartwatchBig vendors of wearable hardware are keep pushing themself to put their grip in the race of smartwatch technology, they seem to compete with who can have a fancy and killer feature. Some feature such as call from watch, texting, voice recognition, listen to music, expensive glass, heart rate sensor, overkill notification, fancy screen color, builtin camera, builtin gps, and etc. But still, you need to pair the watch with your daily phone to get it work.

From all of that, it keeps me thinking. What exactly they are trying to make, Is it smartwatch? or else they trying to make a smaller cellphone that can fit into your wrist and someday will replace your daily cellphone.. hmm maybe .. who knows. But for this present time I don’t think that we’re gonna use all of that fancy feature on daily use. For myself, I like a phone to be a phone, and a watch to be a watch.

Most of all, when all of that feature are packed into a smartwatch, How long do you think that smartwatch gonna hold the day regarding its battery life, is it a week? 2 weeks? or maybe a month without charging? Hmm, hard to say but they actually gonna hold the day only for a matter of hours, and so you need to bother yourself to charge your watch everyday besides your smartphone and your laptop.

Take examples from LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, both of which only run for about a day, Moto 360 and Sony SW2 maybe could last for 2 days on standby use, pebble could last for 7 days on standby use but not so fancy at all. I don’t test all the watches myself, but I do googled people who actually do test with an actual watch. So the more fancy, the more often to charge and the more expensive the watch.

And for me, I’m currently using a pebble, not because this watch is fancy, nope! there is no fancy thing on this watch, I like it bcoz its simple and has a lot of community backing this smartwatch, and most of all I don’t need to charge it everyday *it was really pain in the ass if I had to*.

Honestly I would like to have a smartwatch that act like a watch with a fancy smooth screen, great hardware and operating system, but I really don’t like to have to bother with charging the watch everyday, hmm maybe someday if there is a nano bio lithium battery that could last a month/year without charging, I’ll considered myself to buy it.

So in my opinion, if you really want to have a smartwatch, please ask yourself how you’re gonna use the watch in daily use, bcoz some people don’t bother to have to charge their watch everyday. Are you gonna use all of that fancy features or is it going to be a waste? is up to you.

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