Browsers Console API (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE) reference

What is Console API ? , I think this is the first question that will cross your mind if you dont know about this
helpfull tool, Console is a global variable/Object that provided by major browser like firefox,safari,chrome, etc… and contains many methods that allow you to write to the browser console to expose information that is flowing through your scripts.

Console API has become a standard for debugging javascript, so I suppose many browser should support
this kind API, well I think not all browser have the same standard but surely it has same use, these are
reference to some console documentation on each browsers.

I guess you guys already know some standard command like console.log(), console.dir(), …

Firefox Console API Documentation
you may use it with our beloved “firebug”

Safari/Chrome Doc, I took from safari website
Use it with the web inspector.

Internet Explorer web developer tools

Opera DragonFly
I couldnt the list of the api, but I think Opera has a different way to debug Javascript

Finally if your browser is to old and couldn’t have any console api, you can use this
its a Crossbrowser Firebug console API. Improves Opera Dragonfly and IE developer tools

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