Codeigniter HMVC and Your own Layout Library

I’m using HMVC to make my web apps more modular, if you don’t now what is HMVC you can check on Wiki, so then I’m trying to make a partial output from some module to the big layout template , and then I came into problems when I make a layout library as usual you have to generate an instance of CI like this,

<pre lang="php">$this->obj =& get_instance();

and then I’m trying to load a vew from some module,

<pre lang="php">$this->obj->load->view($view,$data);

It will become an error, because $view cannot be load up, why ????
After checking up inside $this->obj, it actually only load up the global view of CI (‘ex: ../application/views/ …‘)

so I check the Modules.php on your libraries folder, HMVC is not overriding the default view of CI,
you might have to pass your controller object ( The $this object ) from your controller to your layout library

as example :

On your module controller :

<pre lang="php">class Post extends Controller {
function Post()
function Read(){

On your Layout library :

<pre lang="php">function load($view,$controller){

$partial = $controller->load->view($view,true);

//parse to your big layout
$data['content_module'] = $partial;


Hope this will help for somebody who have some problem like myself

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